Episode 11 — Habits and Willpower — Critical Factors in Your Success and Happiness

Bold Claims:

  • What I’m going to talk about this episode is one of the most critical, if not most critical parts of a successful and happy life. Period!
  • I’m going to talk about how Willpower is real and can be depleted & boosted
    • …but you don’t want to always need or want to use it
  • Good or Bad Habits is one of the primary factors deciding your success and happiness
    • I’m going to talk about how to eliminate bad habits and build good habits

Some other notes from the episode:

  • Earl Nightingale — Strangest Secret 100% habits
  • Overcome or AVOID the effects of emotions and feelings…with habits first, then willpower
  • When you build and sustain a habit, willpower is not needed (at least much less)
    • Example: Yoga/meditation/shoulder exercises in the morning
  • You remove a bad habit by replacing it with a good or neutral habit
    • …or slightly less bad habit
    • Examples:
      • bite fingernails instant stop
      • watching TV while eating –> watch trainings while eating
      • eat ice cream –> eat fruit
      • half the sugar in your coffee or tea
      • post dinner TV –> post dinner walk
  • 21 days…
    • True loss of missing 1 day isn’t just that 1 day…it is the whole habit chain…
  • Willpower is like a muscle
    • You wake up at the beginning of the day with full willpower and you use it throughout the day
    • why it is easier to work out at the beginning of the day than it is at the end of the day
    • why you eat that frog with your work
    • sleep replenishes
    • You can build your willpower by giving yourself small willpower challenges AND doing the right thing in response
      • M&M jar in your hallway example
  • You can reduce or eliminate completely your need for willpower by setting up your environment right
    • Example: healthy vs unhealthy food at home
    • Example: keep your phone out of arms reach when…
  • Meditation is YUGE
  • Exercise is YUGE
  • Even better than reducing or eliminating is reversing it and making it so you WANT to do the right thing
    • Thinking about all the yummy things in salads…and how great I feel after I eat a salad…and how I want to live a long time…etc
    • Thinking about how I’ll feel after doing Yoga, Meditation, and regular exercise for 20 years…

Episode 10 — Value of Half completed tasks vs completed tasks

Dramatically increase productivity by building your understanding of the concepts we discuss in this episode.

We discuss, among other things…

  • …a false dichotomy around results vs learning/understanding focuses
  • …Fletch’s 2 Master’s theses (thesi?)
  • …knowing what you need to do vs not knowing what you need to do
  • …which is better 10 completed task sets vs 100 incomplete task sets?
  • …brain RAM
  • …methods for making good decisions
  • …good vs best/perfect (CRITICAL distinction)

Episode 09 — Building vs Grabbing

I think this is one of our best podcasts where we cover some excellent topics that will help you achieve your personal and business goals.

We delve into an important distinction — building vs grabbing.

If you consistently fall on the correct side of this distinction, your success is practically INEVITABLE!

Yes, that’s right, when you spend your time doing building actions instead of grabbing actions, you are well on your way to reaching your goals.

We give many examples of grabbing and building types of actions in every day life and business to help this distinction hit home.

Grabbing types of activities include things like shooting for push button millions or robbing a bank.

Building types of activities include things like building your understanding or listening to this podcast 🙂

We go into a lot more detail about the things you should be trying to build to move towards inevitable success.

Episode 08 — Important Distinctions between… Cubicle Job vs Independent Job vs Entrepreneur

In this podcast, we discuss some important distinctions between working for da man, working as an independent contractor, and working as an entrepreneur.

There’s no one path that is right for everyone!

So, exploring some important considerations — many of which are not immediately obvious — is important to figuring out what works best for your own life and career goals.

There are some BIGLY YUGE hidden costs with all paths taken that you should really consider before and during your journey.

By looking at this more clearly you will have a much better chance of being prepared for certain obstacles or avoiding them all together.


Episode 07 — Critically Important Skill Development

One of the most important parts, if not the most important, of any business or career is skill development.

If you don’t work to build a single or a small set of core, critical business skills, you won’t succeed.  Period.

Another way of putting this is that if you try to halfway build a lot of different skills, you won’t succeed.

It is not about how many skills you can develop, but how well you can develop the most important skills to your business’ success.

In this podcast, we try to answer…

What skills should you choose to build?

How should you go about building your chosen skills?

What differentiates Skills from Abilities?

What skills do you need to get started with an online business?

What skills should you work on to maximize chance of liberation with an online business?

What approaches and mindsets should you have towards growing your skills?

Episode 06 — Getting Started with SEO

Ranking a website in Google can be super valuable to a business.

You can do that for yourself and make big bank or as a service for others and get paid a lot to make someone else a lot of bank.

Unfortunately, this is much easier than it sounds and it easy to feel like you know how to rank your website well in Google.

Joshua Fletcher and I (David) have a lot of experience ranking websites.

Episode 05 — Emotional vs Rational

Nearly everyone has to work diligently to balance their emotions with their reason…

Even wildly successful business owners can have issues here.

Our “gut” can often steer us wrong.

Your feelings and the feelings of your customers do matter…

At the same time, business you need to employ your logic heavily in your business in order to be successful.

Listen on for more details!

Episode 04 — Why Start An Online Business

Why should your business be an online business?

This is an important question that we go deeply into…

There are many reasons that we touch on…

For example, more and more of business is going online, the internet can provide a platform for much greater scaleability, there are lots of opportunities online, and more!

Listen for the details…

Episode 03 — The Overlooked Mental Side of Entrepreneurship

Don’t overlook working on your own brain!

This is the biggest obstacle for 95%+ people looking to go into business for themselves!

If you have the best technical skills in the world, but your mentality is terrible, you will not succeed.

If you have a well developed (not even perfect) mentality, then success is INEVITABLE!

Episode 02 — How to Develop the Technical Skills You Need to be Liberated

In order to succeed, there are going to be some technical skills that you will need to develop.

Everyone has their own path here.

The chances are good that you’ll have quite a bit of personal development to do…

Which is fun!