Moon’s & Marie’s Journeys to True Freedom

  • Intro…
    • Plug current work
    • Fletch met both at a Terry Samuels event in Phx
      • Marie secret fan of Fletch
      • Non stop Fletch questions @ conference
  • Stories
    • Marie
      • Degree in Business/Mgt
        • Started off in family biz of consultants…private –> public companies
        • wasn’t super in love with the job
      • 9/11 –> not as much biz
      • Then…App development company
        • One day needed SEO
        • hired & fired 2-3 SEO companies in San Antonio…disgusted
        • ~2010
        • started learning SEO on the side
        • ranked for national app development terms…
      • then fell in love with SEO
        • launched SEO agency in Austin…
        • stepped back from day to day operations of App dev company
        • passionate about analytical side of things
      • Filled agency fast…
        • shook hands with web developers within 3 cities
        • had tons of clients right away
      • Local Agency in Austin, TX
        • wasn’t happy
        • really bad accident…5 years of trying to heal…
        • refocus…had to look for something else
        • family time
        • found Moon during 5 years…1 year to accept friend request
    • Moon
      • Graduated in 2007
        • computer science
      • 1st job
        • customer service for a hosting company
        • SUPER stressful…miserable
      • Local school district programmer
        • had extra time
        • watched clock tick away
        • older colleagues
        • knew couldn’t do long term
        • bored…ran into make money online type of people
      • Started learning about SEO
      • Quit job…
      • moved out to San Diego
      • Had some SEO projects running…client/self
      • Got a job with a local SEO internet marketing…
        • learned a lot of valuable lessons…
        • met Marie and everything started to get better
      • working on brain…
      • 4 hour work week half truths…
      • Time freedom
      • Personal vs Professional via FB
      • chatting back and forth
      • being more bold in groups…confidence
  • Critical Task — Working on Your Brain
    • We all do that…
  • Typical day
    • Marie
    • Moon
  • If you had to start all over…
    • Marie
      • go back through process of failing before succeeding
      • probably stick with Client SEO Agency
        • wouldn’t be in the biz ops nearly as much
    • Moon
      • invest in case studies with a unique voice and data
  • future plans
  • Outro

Dan Anton on Creating a Software Empire

  • Intro Dan
    • before we get started, where can someone learn more about you and what you can offer?
      • Integration: Email Auto Responder + FB messenger + Web Push notifications + SMS
  • Currently…
    • Puerto Rico
      • month long vacations
  • Dan’s story from the beginning
    • looking critical turning points
    • 95-96 in high school, ~sophomore
      • AOL
      • buy video games & sell for $5 more
      • New Jersey
      • message people who had video games on the profile
      • ~$200/m
    • college ~y2k
      • comp sci major –> biz
      • eBay
        • building computers
        • concert tix
        • World of Warcraft guide buy rights –> eBay sales page + unlimited quantity
    • never thought online was going to be career…
    • 9/11 –> army
      • loved army
      • 10 years in army
      • infantry…injured
      • didn’t want desk job
    • lost identity…
      • scary…
      • ~3 months to ETS (getting out)
      • what to I want to be/do?
    • brother was working at an SEO agency
      • …Warrior forum
      • started ranking…
      • ~2009-2011
    • saw a needs/questions –> Software make
      • hired a developer on
        • 1st hire burned him…out $5k
        • considered stopping
        • 2nd guy…vetted a bit more
        • still ranks
      • The Best Spinner guy…
        • emails him
        • Google’s “how to setup affiliate program”
        • strike while the iron is hot
        • $1k/m –> $18k/m in recurring rebills overnight
          • uhh, shit!
          • pressure to stay
      • Dan knew his market research…
        • questions being asked…
        • usually starts as a problem for him…
          • is there a good solution that exists already?
            • improve upon it?
              • no, no worries
              • yes, potentially build it
          • can it be automated/systemitized?
            • no ==> not start it
      • As an entrepreneur…If not growing, falling behind
      • More affiliates…
        • Colin Klinkert affiliate
      • reinvesting $$ in other ideas
        • some didn’t work…some did
      • His SW Dev team
        • A, B, C teams
          • A team for big, complicated projects
          • team leader
        • lots of options now to find good people
        • need to have some technical writing…
          • specs, docs
    • If had to start over…
      • look for upcoming talent on upwork/etc
        • interview thoroughly
        • do right by them
        • finding undiscovered talent
        • Vietnam…genius
      • SAAS…no…
        • Free Chrome Extension –> Build list –> paid version
        • do market research
        • ~$2k-$5k –> MVP
          • 1 programmer — 2-3 months
        • or buy an old extension that they let die (haven’t been updated in a long time)
          • come in with email list
        • avoid scope creep…3 months –> 6 months
          • only revise original plan if it is critical
        • how market it
          • reviews are very important for extensions — stimulate reviews
          • email list it comes to
          • downloads/traffic
          • FB Ads –> extensions
    • 2013
      • Bachelor fan site purchase…
      • 50k email list…
        • built to 300k emails
      • knew nothing about marketing
      • easy to market to non-marketers
        • need –> solution –> buy
          • vs need –> solution –> lotsa stuff –> buy
    • 2013/2014
      • JV Zoo event
        • run into people who know his stuff
        • people said he should do affiliate
        • he was doing and still does SEO
        • crowd search
        • started putting his face to the products
    • Smart Engage
      • 2-2.5 years old
      • why create?
        • built out of necessity
          • email lists…msgr’s list…sms lists…push notifications
          • couldn’t identify what was getting them the most results
      • now trying to streamline
        • understand where the market is going
      • onboarding process
        • learning curve…
        • 1-1 conference call
        • improve domain reputation…making sure they hit the inbox
      • Ads/Organic –> FB Msgr (best way to start) –> Email
    • Grew up in a household to do the best he could
      • Felt embarrassed to not do his best
      • False motivation is better than no motivation
      • Didn’t want to take a step back
        • …didn’t want his ex wife to think he’s fallin’ on bad times
    • Attitude change for being wholly responsible
    • Big plans in the future?
      • Long term goals? ~2030
      • Agency
        • Micro niche agencies
        • register domain –> new client within 30 days
        • exit strategy
      • Structure business around life
        • Puerto Rico + 1 month traveling
          • 2017 hurricane…no work for 2.5 weeks…infrastructure has gotten better
          • traveling with laptop…do a little bit each day
          • took about 3 years to really reach this point
    • Typical Dan Day
      • get up at 6 am ish…
        • work from 7am – 1pm…go to gym…
        • try not to work @ night
      • his personal calendar from Asana
      • check in on slack
      • jira project management tool
      • looks at ads — FB, Google
        • optimizes ads himself
      • yearly/quarterly/monthly/weekly
        • hitting objectives on conversions
        • churn…onboard…
        • features
  • Outro Dan
    • plug again — — grab a free trial
      • if found through podcast in support and get an extra month to the free trial!!

Episode 19 How to Tap Dance into Work Every Day (The Client SEO Business Model)

Want to actually enjoy your work?

AND have it be wildly profitable for you and your family?

We both think you should consider the Client SEO Business Model

Episode 18 Tim Schmidt’s Journey to True Financial Freedom

  • Intro Tim
  • Currently working on…
    • Tim’s book — Amplifying Average
      • aiming for release before thanksgiving 2019
    • Affiliate in dating and health supplements niches
      • recommend: evergreen niches
    • SkinPro — 50+ products, CBD
    • content is a huge focus
      • new travel blog —
  • Start at the beginning
    • Age 14/15 AOL dial-up…
      • geocities
      • Tupac fan page
      • addicted to the internet
    • Intern in HS & College
      • @ Northern Tool Equipment
      • New Business development department
      • cubicle for 4 summers in a row…
      • 3k people in a corporate office
    • In College loved to write
      • sold essays
    • hired by Accenture in 2000 in Chicago coming out of college
      • going to be a tech analyst
      • didn’t have a spot for them…$15k to do nothing
    • Started Sell SEO…
      • guy who made $4k commissions in 1 day
      • SEO was super easy
      • was making about half his Accenture yearly income in a month
    • started a new company
      • 6 –> 85 people in about 11 months
      • mostly sales people
    • …went independent…selling himself
    • started focusing on affiliate…
      • …in 18 months made a big chunk of change
      • free time in Costa Rica
    • SkinPro — started 1 product
      • own product vs affiliate
        • can be as creative as you want with your own product
        • something to sell later on with owning product
  • Outro Tim

Episode 17 — A Day in the Life of Cubicle Liberated David and Joshua

  • About this podcast:
    • Day in the life of Joshua and David
    • What does a life of Cubicle Liberation really look and feel like?
    • Fast forward 5 years in your liberation path, what could that feel/look like?
  • Joshua Fletcher’s general daily schedule
    • don’t set an alarm!!!!!!
      • 4am-5am wake up
    • Today — this morning
      • Zella preggers
    • Most work days
      • movement
      • 2-3 hours until electronic devices on
      • figure out what is important
      • leave work “shed”/”studio” eventually to go somewhere public
    • Weekends?
      • try not to schedule anything on Saturday
      • Schedule? Huh? What is that? Priorities?
    • Schedule like when first started digital biz
      • 4 am –> Starbucks: train+build
      • heavy starting focus
      • no days “off” since started doing this…but all days are pretty good
  • David Hood’s general daily schedule
    • Today — this morning
    • Productivity
    • Training
  • Fletch yearly schedule
    • Vacations
      • haven’t been on one without his laptop
    • conferences — 1x-2x/yr
    • work around seasons
  • Hood’s yearly schedule
    • Vacations
    • conferences
  • 4 hour work week
    • build towards it
    • nobody starts here
  • What could this look like for you in 5 years?
    • boringass, soul crushing meetings vs few and far between
      • Fletch: hot houses/attics, chase and please people
    • 1 boss that sucks that is harder to fire vs little bosses (customers) that, individually, you don’t have to work with
      • David’s last boss
    • YOU decide what’s important
    • autonomy with work —
      • being able to say no
        • build into offer not having to
      • outsource
      • systematize out
      • postpone, etc at your discretion
      • not having to ask for permission
    • work harder, but it is more fulfilling
      • I work for me and my family
      • David’s yearly raises — high raise vs low raise
      • clarification: time spent is more fulfilling

Episode 16 — 5 Elements of an Irresistible Offer

  1. Start with a problem people are aware of
    1. Major Failure Point
    2. Start-up era companies…
    3. neat ideas…
    4. want to do…
      1. …not a problem in the market
      2. underwear for men company
      3. do people realize that there’s a problem
      4. don’t start with a problem that people don’t know they have
    5. Keyword Research
  2. ICA — Ideal Customer Avatar(s)
    1. day in the life
      1. experiencing discomfort — actually feel the problems trying to solve
    2. pick specific people, name them, pic them
      1. you are the market
        1. past –> present
    3. lukewarm vs love/hate
    4. fine not catering to everyone
  3. Audience related Offer
    1. digital purchasing
    2. agitate pains
      1. competition
      2. relive feelings
    3. pleasures
      1. future pace
      2. feel it
    4. emotional decision making (really choices) is most common
      1. really hungry person will buy food
      2. “starving crowd”
    5. clarity — “just be freaking clear”
    6. building an audience considerations
      1. consider conversion from the very beginning
      2. attracting an audience
    7. Joshua Fletcher Boxer Briefs” in search in Google — go do it!
  4. Product vs Offer
    1. How much of the offer is about the product?
      1. Really about what problem the product/service solves
      2. comes down to feeling
    2. Benefits vs Features
    3. Cornflakes — Offer = colon health
      1. Simplicity
  5. Pricing
    1. David Mills Double shortcut
    2. steak dinner — sell experience, feelings
    3. Anchors
      1. replacing
      2. uniqueness — not being commoditized
      3. “The Stack”
      4. Big numbers
      5. Clients — show earning

More info about David Hood & Joshua Fletcher:

Episode 15 — Stocism and Donuts — Get yourself to WANT to do the right things

    • Stoicism
      • basic definition
        • “the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint”
        • Nature – Nature is rational.
        • Law of Reason – The universe is governed by the law of reason. Man can’t actually escape its inexorable force, but he can, uniquely, follow the law deliberately.
        • Virtue – A life led according to rational nature is virtuous.
        • Wisdom – Wisdom is the the root virtue. From it spring the cardinal virtues: insight, bravery, self-control, and justice.
        • Apathea – Since passion is irrational, life should be waged as a battle against it. Intense feeling should be avoided.
        • Pleasure – Pleasure is not good. (Nor is it bad. It is only acceptable if it doesn’t interfere with our quest for virtue.)
        • Evil – Poverty, illness, and death are not evil.
        • Duty – Virtue should be sought, not for the sake of pleasure, but for duty.
      • Fletch’s modern interpretation
      • David’s modern interpretation
    • Emotions hampering people
    • “I don’t want to go through all the trouble to learn SEO”
      • David Mills
      • saying I don’t want to do that in the future…
      • something you don’t even understand
      • making decisions…starting with a subset of
      • judging what you want to do in the future by how you feel right now is a poor decision making process
    • Marcus Aurelius being tempted by Donuts
    • Decision making processes
      • generally check your emotions at the door
        • …and what you want to believe
          • convince yourself that you’re the shit at something when you’re not
      • pick apart the pieces
        • checklists
        • task sets –> smaller task sets …
        • fight overwhelm
      • Data
      • Pretend you’re someone else
      • Try not to make a lot of decisions
        • all decisions are not equal…
        • plan
    • …Donuts…
      • I’ve worked out…family love them
      • Force yourself to remember disgusting donuts feelings
    • How to Get yourself to want to do the right things
      • donuts disgusting thinking trick
      • mental associations
        • think about what you want
        • don’t think about what you don’t want
      • modify your environment
        • commercials — limit your hijackedness
        • the internet/computers
      • tie seemingly unconnected things together
        • goals –> … –> detailed actions
      • forgive yourself

Episode 14 Todd Spears Interview

Someone who has been free of a day job ~25…with an online business

…who has created SEO techniques used by the best in the world

…who has created and sold a company for $2 million

  • Herc Magnus — partner for last 4-5
  • team of developers
  • Pixel Scout
  • Project Supremacy
  • big thinker…better, faster, cheaper motto

Todd’s story…

  • started programming when 10-11
    degree in comp sci @ college went to school in San Marcos –> Texas Tech –> San Marcos
  • studied EE & comp sci
    –> Day Jobs in 90’s
  • southwestern bell mobile systems
    had fun there…worked with great guys
  • learning a lot at his job
    1 year review…how bad he sucked (corporate BS to justify a low raise)
  • ==> started looking for another job
    went to Verizon (GTE at the time) — ~doubled salary
  • 4-6 weeks there…making friends
    spoke his mind
    liaison between coders and upper management
    6 months later…manager moved out…new guy more timid
  • had to start over with 6 months of work
    …”don’t want to be you guys”…that little control
    quit job that day
    “this intarwebs is going to be cool”

After left…

  • didn’t know what he was going to do…stared at computer
    just knew that there problems that he could solve with software
    luckily didn’t have a lot bills…and had saved up some $$…could fallback on a job if he really needed to
    chatting with people online…
  • developed crush on girl — fastest drag bike world record
    suzuki girl…faster modem…
    AOL database…sw to scrape that info…25k people with email…to improve their speed…sign up for merchant account…take orders via fax machine
    $$$$$$$$ — about May/June — Oct
    Auto Responder — email service — $30/m — he built the tech
  • sold for $2 million –> kicked back with new twins –> invested in real estate with a partner

After the sale…

  • eventually…burn rate…something new
    Keith Baxter (best friends) — launch hosting company
    …Blog Network Blueprint
    web hosting company
    lead gen software
  • mortgage leads
    had started dabbling on the internet with AOL
    Serbian programmers
    sold a company in 2003 — sw developed
    SEO hosting in 2003
    A lot less people doing SEO
    2010 published 1st information on what he was doing with multiple IP’s — Blog Network Blueprint
    what’s working for

Thanks for listening!

Episode 13 — How to Overcome the Seemingly Insurmountable

Show Notes:

  • How to tap into a huge untapped potential for your brain CORRECTLY
  • How to solve seemingly insurmountable problems
  • Key Distinctions
  • The Main Method for Overcoming the Seemingly Insurmountable: Asking Positive Questions
    • Inspirations — Lead the Field (by Earl Nightingale), David Mills (@OMG Machines)
  • Benefits
    • Allows you to overcome HUGE obstacles…that are inevitable!
    • Works from the assumption that everything is figureoutable (Marie Forleo)
    • Gets your brain working for you in the in-between-times
    • Untapped gold mine via Lead the Field
    • Come back to it multiple times to add to it
    • Random times where ideas will pop into your head
    • Can come back to it later…sometimes MUCH later

    overcoming insurmountable obstacles

  • Process
    • Spend significant amounts of time asking POSITIVE QUESTIONS
    • Can I accomplish X? (negative) vs How do I accomplish X? (positive)
    • Pen and Paper or Digital Documentation that is automatically backed up
      • Or BOTH
      • OneNote vs Evernote vs simple text notepads + Dropbox-ish
    • First question — What are some valuable/important/useful/practical positive questions I can ask to help me reach my goals?
    • Keep breaking it down into more specific and more specific questions
  • Another useful method for accomplishing big goals: Break apart big task sets into smaller task sets
  • Some more good positive questions
    • What should my primary life/10 year/20 year business/personal objective be?
    • How can I significantly move myself towards my primary objective?
    • What are some intermediary goals that help me towards achieving my primary objective?
    • What are some areas of growth that will help me achieve my goals?
    • What are some good information products directly related to my areas of growth?
    • How can I grow consistently in the areas I want to grow?
    • What daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly disciplines will help me achieve my goals?
    • Who are some people that I can build real relationships with that will help me achieve my goals?
    • What are some good tools that can help me achieve my goals or make my time more efficient?
    • What are some ways I can work towards overcoming ___ obstacle(s)?

Episode 12 — Facebook Advertising 101

Facebook Advertising can propel your business and other businesses to a lot of profit.

Working on Facebook Ads as your primary skill set can all by itself to build a valuable business

Before you go down that path, there are some major considerations that you may not think of…

There are some critical closely related skills you must build in order for FB ads to work for you.

You get the Simplest Method to get you started

Get more support and help @ and

Facebook Ads vs SEO

David shot a YouTube video on this topic:

Some important points:

  • Faster than SEO to get some results, but still may take discipline and consistent focus to master
  • SEO is more complicated and typically takes longer to get results, but I think SEO is more profitable
  • FB Ads is more controllable and easier to do with low risk (can get started with low cost ads), but is ultimately is more expensive to scale and less profitable
  • FB Creepy Data collection
  • SEO Searches
  • BOTH can be extremely profitable
  • BOTH can be the foundation of a good business

Other Skills You Should Look to Build

Technical Facebook Ads Skills are important, but actually not as much as the following…

…because Facebook Ads changes regularly…

MOST IMPORTANT RELATED SKILL: Study direct response copy writing

Copy writing is all about how to get your target market to take action!

Recommended Resource: Kickass Copywriting Secrets book and audio program by John Carlton — listen in car and read book!

Also need to Study your target market…

Build your Ideal Customer Avatar…

Understand their Fears & Desires & Feelings…

Build special offers that appeal to them specifically…

Free ___…

Discount now…


List Building!

Email Marketing…

Audience building reality?!…

FB Ads is only PART of Traffic…

Conversion & Product still needs to be built…

Similar to how I got going with Client SEO…

FB Ads agency…

FB Ads is your Traffic source, is a part of your conversion, and can be your product…