Episode 10 — Value of Half completed tasks vs completed tasks

Dramatically increase productivity by building your understanding of the concepts we discuss in this episode. We discuss, among other things… …a false dichotomy around results vs learning/understanding focuses …Fletch’s 2 Master’s theses (thesi?) …knowing what you need to do vs not knowing what you need to do …which is better 10 completed task sets vs […]

Episode 09 — Building vs Grabbing

I think this is one of our best podcasts where we cover some excellent topics that will help you achieve your personal and business goals. We delve into an important distinction — building vs grabbing. If you consistently fall on the correct side of this distinction, your success is practically INEVITABLE! Yes, that’s right, when […]

Episode 08 — Important Distinctions between… Cubicle Job vs Independent Job vs Entrepreneur

In this podcast, we discuss some important distinctions between working for da man, working as an independent contractor, and working as an entrepreneur. There’s no one path that is right for everyone! So, exploring some important considerations — many of which are not immediately obvious — is important to figuring out what works best for […]

Episode 07 — Critically Important Skill Development

One of the most important parts, if not the most important, of any business or career is skill development. If you don’t work to build a single or a small set of core, critical business skills, you won’t succeed.  Period. Another way of putting this is that if you try to halfway build a lot […]

Episode 06 — Getting Started with SEO

Ranking a website in Google can be super valuable to a business. You can do that for yourself and make big bank or as a service for others and get paid a lot to make someone else a lot of bank. Unfortunately, this is much easier than it sounds and it easy to feel like […]

Episode 05 — Emotional vs Rational

Nearly everyone has to work diligently to balance their emotions with their reason… Even wildly successful business owners can have issues here. Our “gut” can often steer us wrong. Your feelings and the feelings of your customers do matter… At the same time, business you need to employ your logic heavily in your business in […]

Episode 04 — Why Start An Online Business

Why should your business be an online business? This is an important question that we go deeply into… There are many reasons that we touch on… For example, more and more of business is going online, the internet can provide a platform for much greater scaleability, there are lots of opportunities online, and more! Listen […]

Episode 03 — The Overlooked Mental Side of Entrepreneurship

Don’t overlook working on your own brain! This is the biggest obstacle for 95%+ people looking to go into business for themselves! If you have the best technical skills in the world, but your mentality is terrible, you will not succeed. If you have a well developed (not even perfect) mentality, then success is INEVITABLE!

Episode 02 — How to Develop the Technical Skills You Need to be Liberated

In order to succeed, there are going to be some technical skills that you will need to develop. Everyone has their own path here. The chances are good that you’ll have quite a bit of personal development to do… Which is fun!

Joshua’s and David’s Backstories that Permanently Liberated them from Cubicles!

For the very first episode of the Cubicle Liberation Podcast, we touch on the histories of Joshua and David. We learn things about each other that we didn’t know! Hear about how Joshua lived in a cabin in Alaska…so many more interesting things happened to him. Hear about David’s “good” cubicle job that he was […]