Episode 25 The SEO Agency Journey of Josh Fairhurst

Intro… movingmountains.io SEO agency for contractors with Travis Causey — brain of SEO Grants pass, OR Southern Oregon Story Outta High School Join Army as medic Band of Brother’s inspired him National Guard in Oregon Started working with father in law father in law had been working in insurance since he was 18 years old […]

Episode 24 Mical Johnson’s Digital Marketing Agency Journey

Intro… Lives Sarasota, FL Kids: 16, 8, 5 – 2 girls & a boy Current Work Agency — SEO, PPC, Web Design cyberizegroup.com Digital Domination Dojo — Operation SEO Agency Empire 7 Figure SEO Agency Exit Roadmap Link Story Introverted…doesn’t get out of his house often Big family…9 of them…moved around a lot…military family His […]

Episode 23 Matthew Versteegs Magical Journey to SEO Success

Intro… in Florida now –> Minnesota Kids — 5, 2.5, 4 months Plug current work Free “Local SEO Secrets” Facebook Group Modus8 open sometimes Story — bulk of pod Didn’t say when he was a kid that he wanted to be in SEO 6 years old…1st taste of entrepreneurship magician…volunteer…balloon octopus Magic books/kits –> doing paid […]

Episode 22 Lee Goff’s Journey to Selling his Agency and Recommendations…

Listen to this podcast to get an insight into Lee’s brain on how he recommends agencies structure and build an agency that is sellable for the big bucks! Intro… Copy of his book for only $7 at agencysuccessroadmap.com email lee@leegoff.com and mention this podcast to get a copy for free! leegoff.com Currently lives near Lake […]

Moon’s & Marie’s Journeys to True Freedom

Intro… Plug current work Rule Your Rankings https://ruleyourrankings.com/ — services ryrlevelup.com — info products FB Group — 4,000+ people Fletch met both at a Terry Samuels event in Phx Marie secret fan of Fletch Non stop Fletch questions @ conference Stories Marie Degree in Business/Mgt Started off in family biz of consultants…private –> public companies wasn’t super […]

Dan Anton on Creating a Software Empire

Intro Dan before we get started, where can someone learn more about you and what you can offer? smartengage.com Integration: Email Auto Responder + FB messenger + Web Push notifications + SMS Currently… Puerto Rico month long vacations Dan’s story from the beginning looking critical turning points 95-96 in high school, ~sophomore AOL buy video […]

Episode 19 How to Tap Dance into Work Every Day (The Client SEO Business Model)

Want to actually enjoy your work? AND have it be wildly profitable for you and your family? We both think you should consider the Client SEO Business Model… David’s SEO Client Attraction System v2 open from Thu, Sep 26th through Thu, Oct 3rd Abundance… Best Converting Offers Joshua Fletcher: Authority Brand Building Phx SEO? searchexplosion.com […]

Episode 18 Tim Schmidt’s Journey to True Financial Freedom

Intro Tim https://www.timschmidt.com/ Currently working on… Tim’s book — Amplifying Average aiming for release before thanksgiving 2019 Affiliate in dating and health supplements niches recommend: evergreen niches SkinPro — 50+ products, CBD content is a huge focus new travel blog — allworld.com Start at the beginning Age 14/15 AOL dial-up… geocities Tupac fan page addicted […]

Episode 17 — A Day in the Life of Cubicle Liberated David and Joshua

About this podcast: Day in the life of Joshua and David What does a life of Cubicle Liberation really look and feel like? Fast forward 5 years in your liberation path, what could that feel/look like? Joshua Fletcher’s general daily schedule don’t set an alarm!!!!!! 4am-5am wake up Today — this morning Zella preggers Most […]

Episode 16 — 5 Elements of an Irresistible Offer

Start with a problem people are aware of Major Failure Point Start-up era companies… neat ideas… want to do… …not a problem in the market underwear for men company do people realize that there’s a problem don’t start with a problem that people don’t know they have Keyword Research ICA — Ideal Customer Avatar(s) day […]