Are You Hijacked By The Matrix? Episode 35

Are you hijacked in the Matrix? …and how to get out if you are… mental hijacked feelings walking down the street your own thoughts? phone/website/app notifications lots of us are hijacked build your filtering skills & systems engineering feelings…to want to do Hallucinogens lower default mode network Knowledge work? Fletcher product — Q1 2021 release […]

Episode 34 Long Term Planning Bull**** and Important

Notes from the podcast: Long term planning — it’s bull**** & important contrarian…bull**** & important processes loaded with failure conditions beliefs rely on us already being correct be…different…be…different lots of don’t stick to the plan false positive cases can be wrong about what’s true can be wrong about what we need to do to build […]

Episode 33 How We Get Big SEO Clients

How We Close Big SEO Client Deals Fletch… $6500/m recurring 15 yo daughter…where start? building skills/aptitudes capability of fulfillment communication building SEO distinctions harder to close big deals vs small deals? not necessarily harder…but…potentially more work & longer sales cycle $10k/m…$100k fat check… …board of directors additional benefits — big vs small hidden costs — […]

Episode 31 — Decision Making Processes for When to Go and When to Stay

* Still in a cubicle…or thinking of pivoting your business * when to make the decision to go for it? * when do you stay? * FOMO/shiny object protection * more than just good vs bad info products/business tools * more than just best path vs all other paths * give you some tools/strategies/perspectives…a framework […]

Episode 30 The Massive Impact of Recognizing Trends Properly

Recognizing Trends To Avoid big mistakes & Gain ____ Avoid Massive Mistakes By More Accurately Identifying Trends- missing a trend, vs being wrong about one Instead, Ride the Wave of a True Positive Trend Can get really hurt by falsely identifying a trend… much worse than missing a correct trend Can really gain a lot […]

Episode 29 The Cubicle Liberation Journey of Glen Ingram

Intro… quick about Las Vegas & Hungtington, CA used to live in Nebraska Plug current work web accessibility — services & training SEO and FB page Story Born in Omaha, NE Moved to Branson/Springfield, MO Went to school at U of Nebraska accounting wanted to be a lawyer at 1st… realized didn’t want to […]

Epidose 28 Thriving During the COVID-19 Pandemic — Biz Tips Fletch David April 3rd 2020

Thriving during Corona Virus Mindset Opportunistic vs Taking Advantage vs Price Gouging Free vs selling mindset changed forever depression like effect going to get better… How Can I…? vs Can I…? get over the threshold set priorities Netflixing vs … Active recreation vs passive recreation …Personal Development E vs E ratio Tension relieving vs goal […]

Episode 27 — Josh Beechraft’s Interesting Path to Success

Intro… Plug current work Touching Brains Podcast Story High School very introverted career tech center program half school day –> college courses with skills… electronics… worked at local car stereo place job in 12th grade “make it work” mentality… no other options… outcome must happen Professional Magician a few years later practiced a […]

Episode 26 – A Powerful Yet Simple Framework for Making Sales

Primary Guiding Concept: Vision -> Justification is a major path we all follow when we are making decisions Major Conversion (aka Sales) Framework: Clarity of an offer In a way that stands alone Without broken windows Context from there Why??? Without clarity, it’s hard to create a vision.  Vision can pull us like a magnet […]