Episode 41 — Inevitable Success Series 2021 — Part 4 — Action

Objective(s): Identify, plan, organize, and EXECUTE priority action sets Steps 1-3 help with step 4 a lot… Psychology of seeing clearly & not acting… additional context… most people…some of the time… Rohn — big enough why, the how becomes easy …What’s Important –> Big Biz/Personal Goals –> Priority Project Groups –> Priority Projects –> Big […]

Episode 40 — Inevitable Success 2021 series Part 3 — What’s Important

Inevitable Success 2021 series part 3 — What’s Important Objective: Identify What’s Important & What’s not Important Create/utilize systems/tools/techniques for differentiating Subcategory of Building Understanding… Breathe…brain activation… pre-frontal cortex delayed gratification sources of confusion… other people’s proclamations default method vs … methods big source of waste… Priorities vs Goals Goals –> Priorities whole is greater […]

Episode 39 — Inevitable Success Series 2021 — Part 2 — Tips and Tools for Building Understanding

Previously: How to Know What’s True…part 1 what is a starting point for building understanding? don’t try to get it all at once Goals: find & understand broad, useful, “true” concepts test concepts Extract Meaning Be careful Curiosity + exploration First Da Vinci Genius Principle Brain health draw distinctions VS building understanding vs following someone’s model […]

Episode 38 — Inevitable Success Series Part 1: How to Know What’s True

brainz filterz what we are using… flawed memory & perceptions result oriented conclusions 0 or 1 — true or false estimation… very close to 0 or 1 killing an ogre sitting in a chair not 1 dimensional act as if…true or false…strong foundation (1) I can perceive parts of reality aware of something (2) basic […]

Episode 37 — Marco Benavides’ SEO & Business Journey

 Intro Plug https://en.elninoylabolacr.org/donations/ send proof of donation to: invitation to charity webinar encontralogratis@gmail.com was one of the kids in Costa Rica Semantic Mastery mgyb.co Make Google Your Bitch affiliate link Story Grew up in extreme poverty Lived in Costa Rica until 9… Then moved to New York @ 10 30+ Years in USA HS […]

Local SEO for 2021

Maps SEO — The VIP line in local search look at SERPs Fletch Experience… Grad degree in technical geography Worked on algorithms for Google Maps ~20 years Geostatistics David Experience… Long term trends Maps pack SERPs real estate Maps pack SERPs across more keywords Google’s $$ makers Ads Data Real Battlefield Rank X for Y […]

Are You Hijacked By The Matrix? Episode 35

Are you hijacked in the Matrix? …and how to get out if you are… mental hijacked feelings walking down the street your own thoughts? phone/website/app notifications lots of us are hijacked build your filtering skills & systems engineering feelings…to want to do Hallucinogens lower default mode network Knowledge work? Fletcher product — Q1 2021 release […]

Episode 34 Long Term Planning Bull**** and Important

Notes from the podcast: Long term planning — it’s bull**** & important contrarian…bull**** & important processes loaded with failure conditions beliefs rely on us already being correct be…different…be…different lots of don’t stick to the plan false positive cases can be wrong about what’s true can be wrong about what we need to do to build […]

Episode 33 How We Get Big SEO Clients

How We Close Big SEO Client Deals Fletch… $6500/m recurring 15 yo daughter…where start? building skills/aptitudes capability of fulfillment communication building SEO distinctions harder to close big deals vs small deals? not necessarily harder…but…potentially more work & longer sales cycle $10k/m…$100k fat check… …board of directors additional benefits — big vs small hidden costs — […]