Someone who has been free of a day job ~25…with an online business

…who has created SEO techniques used by the best in the world

…who has created and sold a company for $2 million

  • Herc Magnus — partner for last 4-5
  • team of developers
  • Pixel Scout
  • Project Supremacy
  • big thinker…better, faster, cheaper motto

Todd’s story…

  • started programming when 10-11
    degree in comp sci @ college went to school in San Marcos –> Texas Tech –> San Marcos
  • studied EE & comp sci
    –> Day Jobs in 90’s
  • southwestern bell mobile systems
    had fun there…worked with great guys
  • learning a lot at his job
    1 year review…how bad he sucked (corporate BS to justify a low raise)
  • ==> started looking for another job
    went to Verizon (GTE at the time) — ~doubled salary
  • 4-6 weeks there…making friends
    spoke his mind
    liaison between coders and upper management
    6 months later…manager moved out…new guy more timid
  • had to start over with 6 months of work
    …”don’t want to be you guys”…that little control
    quit job that day
    “this intarwebs is going to be cool”

After left…

  • didn’t know what he was going to do…stared at computer
    just knew that there problems that he could solve with software
    luckily didn’t have a lot bills…and had saved up some $$…could fallback on a job if he really needed to
    chatting with people online…
  • developed crush on girl — fastest drag bike world record
    suzuki girl…faster modem…
    AOL database…sw to scrape that info…25k people with email…to improve their speed…sign up for merchant account…take orders via fax machine
    $$$$$$$$ — about May/June — Oct
    Auto Responder — email service — $30/m — he built the tech
  • sold for $2 million –> kicked back with new twins –> invested in real estate with a partner

After the sale…

  • eventually…burn rate…something new
    Keith Baxter (best friends) — launch hosting company
    …Blog Network Blueprint
    web hosting company
    lead gen software
  • mortgage leads
    had started dabbling on the internet with AOL
    Serbian programmers
    sold a company in 2003 — sw developed
    SEO hosting in 2003
    A lot less people doing SEO
    2010 published 1st information on what he was doing with multiple IP’s — Blog Network Blueprint
    what’s working for

Thanks for listening!