Show Notes:

  • How to tap into a huge untapped potential for your brain CORRECTLY
  • How to solve seemingly insurmountable problems
  • Key Distinctions
  • The Main Method for Overcoming the Seemingly Insurmountable: Asking Positive Questions
    • Inspirations — Lead the Field (by Earl Nightingale), David Mills (@OMG Machines)
  • Benefits
    • Allows you to overcome HUGE obstacles…that are inevitable!
    • Works from the assumption that everything is figureoutable (Marie Forleo)
    • Gets your brain working for you in the in-between-times
    • Untapped gold mine via Lead the Field
    • Come back to it multiple times to add to it
    • Random times where ideas will pop into your head
    • Can come back to it later…sometimes MUCH later

    overcoming insurmountable obstacles

  • Process
    • Spend significant amounts of time asking POSITIVE QUESTIONS
    • Can I accomplish X? (negative) vs How do I accomplish X? (positive)
    • Pen and Paper or Digital Documentation that is automatically backed up
      • Or BOTH
      • OneNote vs Evernote vs simple text notepads + Dropbox-ish
    • First question — What are some valuable/important/useful/practical positive questions I can ask to help me reach my goals?
    • Keep breaking it down into more specific and more specific questions
  • Another useful method for accomplishing big goals: Break apart big task sets into smaller task sets
  • Some more good positive questions
    • What should my primary life/10 year/20 year business/personal objective be?
    • How can I significantly move myself towards my primary objective?
    • What are some intermediary goals that help me towards achieving my primary objective?
    • What are some areas of growth that will help me achieve my goals?
    • What are some good information products directly related to my areas of growth?
    • How can I grow consistently in the areas I want to grow?
    • What daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly disciplines will help me achieve my goals?
    • Who are some people that I can build real relationships with that will help me achieve my goals?
    • What are some good tools that can help me achieve my goals or make my time more efficient?
    • What are some ways I can work towards overcoming ___ obstacle(s)?

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