Episode 11 — Habits and Willpower — Critical Factors in Your Success and Happiness

Bold Claims:

  • What I’m going to talk about this episode is one of the most critical, if not most critical parts of a successful and happy life. Period!
  • I’m going to talk about how Willpower is real and can be depleted & boosted
    • …but you don’t want to always need or want to use it
  • Good or Bad Habits is one of the primary factors deciding your success and happiness
    • I’m going to talk about how to eliminate bad habits and build good habits

Some other notes from the episode:

  • Earl Nightingale — Strangest Secret 100% habits
  • Overcome or AVOID the effects of emotions and feelings…with habits first, then willpower
  • When you build and sustain a habit, willpower is not needed (at least much less)
    • Example: Yoga/meditation/shoulder exercises in the morning
  • You remove a bad habit by replacing it with a good or neutral habit
    • …or slightly less bad habit
    • Examples:
      • bite fingernails instant stop
      • watching TV while eating –> watch trainings while eating
      • eat ice cream –> eat fruit
      • half the sugar in your coffee or tea
      • post dinner TV –> post dinner walk
  • 21 days…
    • True loss of missing 1 day isn’t just that 1 day…it is the whole habit chain…
  • Willpower is like a muscle
    • You wake up at the beginning of the day with full willpower and you use it throughout the day
    • why it is easier to work out at the beginning of the day than it is at the end of the day
    • why you eat that frog with your work
    • sleep replenishes
    • You can build your willpower by giving yourself small willpower challenges AND doing the right thing in response
      • M&M jar in your hallway example
  • You can reduce or eliminate completely your need for willpower by setting up your environment right
    • Example: healthy vs unhealthy food at home
    • Example: keep your phone out of arms reach when…
  • Meditation is YUGE
  • Exercise is YUGE
  • Even better than reducing or eliminating is reversing it and making it so you WANT to do the right thing
    • Thinking about all the yummy things in salads…and how great I feel after I eat a salad…and how I want to live a long time…etc
    • Thinking about how I’ll feel after doing Yoga, Meditation, and regular exercise for 20 years…

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